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_The Maria and Hans Artner vineyards are organic vintners from the very beginning with knowledge,

Foresight and vision. They press excellent organic wines such as the Rösler in Göttlesbrunn.

_The Mauracher Hof organic bakery delivers fresh bread, pastries and biscuits every Saturday morning

A large selection of sweets and the best organic quality from Sarleinsbach in Upper Austria.

_ Book a Cook , Irene Weinfurter also cooks for you with herbs from the Feigenhof.

_ Foodconcepts Ingo Taubert is happy to cook with nice people;

so you can elicit one or two kitchen secrets from him.

_Angelika Apfelthaler's The Dining Room

... is a small, fine gourmet retreat in Vienna-Hietzing.

_Dahlia Culture DI Wirth - Over 200 types of dahlia in all colors, flower shapes, sizes and

Heights for a wide variety of uses.

_Österreichs leading Biokontrollstelle - ABG controlled throughout Austria and

in neighboring countries from organic farmers to processors of organic products independently and seriously.

_Organic seeds, pure seeds

Vegetable, herb and flower seeds from biodynamic and organic organic farming.

_ Vienna Chamber of Agriculture
Agricultural advocacy. Merging of information and

Knowledge resources in the agricultural sector.

_ Apprentice and specialist training position

Important for everyone who is aiming for a skilled worker or master craftsman examination in agriculture.

_ Ministry of Agriculture and Federal Gardens

Agriculture, forestry, the environment, water management, food

_Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety GmbH
Plant health, lists of pesticides, lists of varieties, organic seeds, databases ...


Interesting facts about organic farming, the organic community

Here you can find everything about organic products. Food, housing, medicine, energy.

_Thuringian State Institute for Agriculture

Offers, among other things, an image-based system for diagnosing nutritional disorders in plants.

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