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The garden as an outdoor living space is a trend in contemporary garden architecture.

We draw strength from our gardens and at the same time we invest time and energy

in its preservation. Based on your individual wishes

becomes your personal dream garden

Harmonization of energetic influences designed on site.

You benefit from years of employment and cooperation with holistic healing methods for the well-being of body, soul and spirit. Ursula Kujal has been holding seminars, lectures on the subject of Feng Shui and medicinal gardens for ten years.


Ursula Kujal was born in Vienna in 1960 and comes from a traditional family

of garden design and garden art.

She attended the higher educational college for horticulture in Vienna.

With 35 years of practical experience in planning and site management

designs them


Private gardens

Roof terraces

Parks and leisure facilities

Village designs

Company greening

Schools and geriatric centers

Hotel and restaurant gardens

If you wish, Ursula Kujal will visit your garden property and create a personal design concept for you

with individual plant combinations and material selection, instructions for implementation and professional product and company recommendations for your purchase.


.... the new design trend.

Modern garden design with edible flowers,

Medicinal plants and herbs as well as special fruit trees

and decorative vegetables.

The food garden with its intense scents and

conveyed a variety of taste temptations

Mediterranean lifestyle.


Every garden should be a source of relaxation.

A place that gives people strength.

The Chinese teaching of Feng Shui helps.

All ancient cultures cultivated the secret knowledge

To create places of power. With the forces of nature

Famous buildings were created using special shapes and symbols and the sacred geometry of universal archetypes

For example: the Cathedral of Chartres, the recently built National Park House Vienna-Lobau.

Visit our energy place with herb garden.

The power place is located in the north-south axis of the Neugebauten Castle. Comparable to a transmitter / receiver,

it represents a connection between heaven and earth.

Our herbs and vegetables are used to increase energy

planted in the show garden around the power place.

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