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approx. 1500 private gardens in Vienna, Lower Austria, Tyrol, Carinthia, Burgenland, Germany and Switzerland

Guts im Marchfeld, e.g. Solofino asparagus farm in Raasdorf

Local greening in Großenzersdorf, Matzen, Raasdorf and Haaringsee

Roof terraces, e.g. Hotel Ambassador in downtown Vienna, Top off Vienna-Hohe Warte, 1190 Vienna

Winter garden project for André Heller

Geriatric centers in Vienna and Carinthia for the company "Wie daham" -

Nursing homes Vienna Brigittenau-Meldemannstrasse

Vienna Donaustadt-Ziegelhofstrasse

Vienna Simmering-Seniorenschlössel

Vienna Atzgersdorf-Scherbangasse



Exhibition grounds and show gardens

Dwarf Park in Gurk 1992-93

Lower Austrian provincial exhibition in Semmering 1992

Quester Baustoffhandel, Langenzersdorf branch 1999

Giardino e casa Terracotta show ground in Breitenfurt 1998

Botanica - City Hall Vienna 1997

Botanica - Stadthalle Vienna 2000 Swarovski - Kristall Energieplatz

Presentations for Viennese, Lower Austrian and Carinthian gardeners' guilds.

Public project: Donaustädter Energiegarten-Wasser Kristall Energieplatz

In 2007 the Hirschstetten flower gardens created the water-crystal energy garden, a place of harmony designed according to Feng Shui principles.

Client: MA 42 Stadtgartenamt

Location: Hirschstetten Flower Gardens, 1220 Vienna, Quadenstrasse 15

Telephone: (+43 1) 4000-42110

Contact person: Robert Fahsl,

Opening times: mid-May to mid-October, Thursday to Sunday 10 a.m.-6 p.m., free admission!

This 500 square meter water-crystal energy garden is the further developed form of a

Feng Shui garden, designed in 2003 by Ing.Ursula Kujal, developed in detail by Atelier Landschaft,

under the direction of the landscape architect Prof. Ing. Sepp Kratochwill.

Its tetrahedral shape symbolizes the crystal structure and harmonizes feelings and feelings in people

thus yin / yang forces. In the center a fountain made of stainless steel with a grail bowl three meters in diameter. A crystal-filled glass cylinder rises from its center, surrounded by water.

The framing plant beds in the form of lotus cups symbolically reflect the power of the water.

The rose planting, on the other hand, stands for the Marian quality joyful-sorrowful-glorious.

The outer circle of trees as protection of the garden, with 15 represents the sacred number of the Ishtar,

a mythological figure from Babylon. The cherry, a typical female tree,

is an expression of fertility, birth and joy.

Slowly entering the heart of the Donaustadt energy garden, helps people to come to themselves,

to his feelings and thus to his personal arrival - to his soul determination.

Three drinking fountains donate energized water, according to the Upper Austrian natural scientist Prof.

Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958).

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