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Cultivate fig tree in a pot

and plant out later.

Find some helpful information here

for the right choice.

a) Choose a variety with both characteristics:

Potted fig and planting (T + P).


b) If you know where the plant will be planted in the following:


Find your location with your hardiness zone on the map.












Select varieties with the right winter hardiness for your location in the shop or in our variety lists.


Winter hardiness zone



-13 ° C 7b

-16 ° C 7a

-19 ° C 6b

-22 ° C 6a




c) If you do not yet know the future location, choose a variety with -19 ° C (6b) or -22 ° C (6a).




What else is important:

"The pot fig culture" (overwintering) observe the culture description.

The hardiness specification refers to the tree that has been planted.
It does not apply here because potted figs with frozen roots begin to dry up after 14 days.


Pay attention to “The planted fig tree” culture description.


Choose a sunny spot that is big enough.


Figs can reach the following heights and widths after 10-15 years:

2.5 to + 3m medium-strong growing varieties

+ 5m strong growing varieties


Note that in addition to temperature, other growth factors also influence growth,

such as. the wind.





So the fig with winter protection also grows in suboptimal locations,

but only manages to generate (2x) yield in years with a high heat sum.




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This is the direct route to the list

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