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Our goal is the production of energetically high vibrating foods,

with great respect for the earth through a nature and environmentally friendly cultivation method.

In the middle of Vienna's intensive vegetable growing area, the Feigenhof is farmed according to organic principles. Certified and controlled by Austria Bio Garantie,

according to EU organic regulation 834/2007 for organic farming.


Our organic seeds come from the ReinSaat company and Noah's Ark.

We use non-seed varieties from which we also collect seeds ourselves.

These partly old varieties are well adapted to our site conditions,

robust and resistant to diseases and pests.

They also withstand adverse weather conditions better.


Young plant breeding

Our greenhouses are not heated, but rather heat up when the sun is shining thanks to the greenhouse effect. We reproduce and overwinter plants that need warmth in our sales and presentation hall.

To protect the moors, we largely do without peat.


Plant nutrition


We work without the use of easily soluble mineral fertilizers;

We fertilize with compost, stone flour and organic fertilizers.

Compost promotes soil life, including earthworms, bacteria and fungi.

Through the activity of soil life, we can save a lot on mechanical soil cultivation.

In addition, plants are protected from pests and on properly composted soil

Diseases better protected (soil's ability to suppress).

Active soil life breaks down the nutrients from the soil in harmony with the plant growth for optimal plant growth. Therefore, the plants get the optimal nutrient supply in the respective development stage and there is no luxury consumption. In conventional agriculture, this luxury consumption harbors a great danger: It leads to susceptibility to disease and pests, poor shelf life and the internal quality of the harvested products suffers.

In organic farming, internal quality comes before quantity.


Wide crop rotation


Our vegetables grow in a different place every year.

Since plants need different amounts of nutrients, the withdrawal of nutrients is not one-sided. It is also crucial not to provide a food source for pests and diseases.


Mixed culture


As with humans, there are plants that love each other and those that hate each other.

We pay great attention to only placing plants next to each other that love each other.

The plants then encourage each other to absorb nutrients and protect each other

against pests and diseases (allelopathy).




With us vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers grow side by side.

This creates a biological balance that increases in stability with the number of native and site-appropriate species.


No toxic (chemical-synthetic) pesticides


Due to the balanced diet through compost, the use of robust and

resistant varieties, a wide crop rotation, mixed culture,

a stable biological equilibrium, due to the diversity of species no toxic (chemical-synthetic) pesticides are necessary. If a pest should nevertheless prevail,

we promote the natural opponents, expose beneficial organisms to the Biohelp company,

or use methods approved in organic farming to restore the biological balance.


No genetically modified plants and organisms


Of course we do not use genetically modified plants and organisms.

The consequences and risks of using genetic engineering in agriculture

are still not assessable.


Health for body, mind and soul!

Your food should be your remedy.
Your remedies, your food.


The plant produces antibodies to ward off its diseases and pests,

so-called secondary phytonutrients. Their share is 10-50% higher in organic products

than in conventional foods. Secondary plant substances protect against cancer and

strengthen the immune system. They also regulate blood pressure and have an inhibitory effect on bacteria.

A simple rule of thumb:

5 x fruits and vegetables a day and you take enough

from nature's hidden miracle cures to you.


By the way: organic tastes better


Through the respectful and sustainable way of food production

the end products have a high food quality and life energy.

During the preparation you should pay attention to the preservation of the life energy.

The fresher and shorter cooked the food, the more life energy you absorb.


Naturalness is also very important to JOSEPH BROT


In our "bread corner" there is also organic and pure naturalness - we only buy high-quality organic bread.

At JOSEPH BROT it starts with the selection of the right ingredients,

which of course all have to be 100% organic, and extends to processing.

With a lot of love for the craft. Because if you want to make the best bread and pastries,

must of course also use his hands.

Read more about JOSEPH .





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