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Wiener Feige in Gault Millau

Published by VWZ Zeitschriften Verlag GesmbH















Published by VWZ Zeitschriften Verlag GesmbH















Genuss Guide

with a large fruit and vegetable special
by Willy Lehmann and Fritz Stifsohn

medianet Verlag, ISBN 978-3-902843-22-7


Guide through the world of pleasure in the Austrian grocery trade.

You can find delicacies and specialties that are not available everywhere.

We were named best business 2013 by the Genuss Guide for the services

excellent for "enjoyable shopping".

The guide was introduced as part of the pleasure festival in the Grand Casino Baden.


Feigenhof: organic paradise in Simmering
Report in "Kurier Lifestyle" about the "Bio-Paradies in Simmering"
Author: Katharina Blaschke

Courier, Mon April 11, 2011


Warum die Adresse "Am Himmelreich" so zutreffend ist
Author: Claudia Schemerl-Streben

Wien ist Land, A La Carte 4A / 2012, p.26f, December 2012



Lost in Paradeis
Author: Alexander Luppersböck

Genuss Magazin, Issue II / 09



Himmel voller Feigen
Author: Katharina Seiser

Der Standard, Fri September 5, 2008, Supplement Rondo No. 487



frische feigenfreude
Author: Katharina Seiser, Mon 14 July 2008



Von Feigen und Kraftplätzen
Author: Elisabeth Ruckser

Compliment, September / October 08 - magazine of the Wienerin group



Wie ein Traum vom Süden
Author: Elisabeth Ruckser

Online article Wienerin






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